Executive Education - March 18, 2008

EDHEC launches its PhD in Finance programme

EDHEC Business School believes that academic research has a vital role to play in promoting innovation and constantly raising professional standards and has spelled out its educational credo as "professional development through research-based excellence". The PhD in Finance it has organised in conjunction with the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre is the culmination of this ambition.

The purpose of the PhD in Finance at EDHEC Business School is to help outstanding individuals become autonomous researchers and lifelong innovators by enabling them to develop the scientific background and skills required to define, conduct and complete research projects that advance knowledge and practices in the financial industry.

Programme objectives

The PhD in Finance at EDHEC Business School is a research-oriented programme which trains participants to serve as the architects of the asset management and investment banking industries. The programme is designed to prepare talented and hard-working individuals for careers requiring an integrated view of the inner-workings of financial markets and institutions, a thorough understanding of financial decision-making and its modelling (in the context of corporate finance, investment management, and asset pricing problems), and the ability to autonomously identify, analyse, and research questions to propose and implement creative solutions.

One programme, two tracks

The programme is uniquely offered in two tracks: a “residential track” for high-potential graduate students who will hold part-time research or teaching positions at EDHEC Business School, and an “executive track” for high-level practitioners who will keep their full-time jobs. Executive track participants will typically undertake the PhD in Finance as a critical development step towards senior positions in the financial industry, while residential track participants will generally complete doctoral studies to access academic careers in leading research and educational institutions.

A well-structured and rigorous curriculum

The PhD in Finance at EDHEC Business School implies an intense personal commitment and is designed to be completed over three years. Its structure includes core courses, electives, research workshops, and the dissertation. Core courses equip participants with sound training in financial theory, and state-of-the-art analytical and research methods. Elective seminars and workshops expose PhD candidates to the latest advances in specific fields of their choice. The dissertation allows participants to work individually with programme faculty on topics selected for their academic and industry relevance and according to each candidate’s research interests and professional goals.

A rich learning environment

By concentrating core courses and elective seminars into residential weeks, extending the classroom over the Internet for research workshops, and adapting dissertation supervision to individual circumstances, the programme creates a rich collaborative environment amongst all the participants and close working relationships between PhD candidates and faculty.

Outstanding faculty

Programme faculty consists of world-class specialists in finance, asset management, and economic and financial modelling; it brings together EDHEC Business School’s senior economics and finance scholars and affiliate professors from top research institutions around the world. Faculty members have an outstanding track record of publications in and editing for the most respected scientific journals in financial economics; their experience in PhD candidate supervision, senior-level engagements with large corporations, international institutions and governments, as well as their teaching awards and prestigious appointments with leading universities worldwide, are an equally outstanding record of achievement.

The support of Europe’s leading research centre

The programme draws upon the considerable resources and exceptional industry reputation of the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre, Europe’s premier centre for applied financial research. In the framework of six industry-sponsored research programmes and five corporate-endowed research chairs, the Centre’s team of 50 carries out a wealth of projects around asset allocation and risk management and implements a multifaceted communications policy towards asset managers and institutional investors.

A life-changing investment

The key benefits of the EDHEC PhD in Finance are its outstanding faculty, its balanced structure, its supportive research environment, its talented and diverse participant body, and the first-rate industry relationships and global impact of the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre. These combine to create the best opportunities for participants to hone their research expertise and prepare to shape the future of the financial industry.


The deadline to submit application for September admission is May 30 of the same year. Applications for the residential track will be considered for the programme commencing September 2008; applications for the executive track will be considered for the programme commencing September 2009.

For more information, please contact PhD Admissions – Ms Maud Gauchon Tel: +33 493 183 267, Email: maud.gauchon@edhec.edu

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