Asset Management Research - July 06, 2006

Sponsorship opportunities for the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre's academic conference circuit

As part of its aspiration to disseminate the results of its academic research programmes as widely as possible, the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre has launched a circuit of three academic conferences allowing industry practitioners and academic representatives to meet and exchange views on the themes most relevant to the investment management industry in its largest context.

In order to clearly differentiate itself from the numerous industry conferences available to professionals in Europe, the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre has designed a circuit of events that have very distinct features:

  • Unbiased, academic content
    The conference programmes are based on EDHEC's reasearch programmes. All presentations are made by EDHEC representatives during sessions in which a panel of industry experts led by a high calibre chairman can discuss the presentation made in order to bring an external point of view

  • A non-commercial approach
    EDHEC conferences promote thought leadership rather than commercial sales pitches. This non-commercial approach is reinforced by the limited number of industry sponsors that can support each event

  • A diverse, high quality audience
    Due to its academic and not-for-profit nature, EDHEC privileges the quality of its audience, rather than the quantity, and communication efforts can therefore be focused towards the most relevant decision-makers.

EDHEC conferences benefit from exclusive media coverage through the strong and long-term relationships that EDHEC has built with some of the most influential media (FT Mandate, IPE, Hedge Funds Review, etc.).

Previous sponsors include some of the most prestigious names in the industry. Over 60% of our sponsors have been involved in more than one event, demonstrating the fact that the overall sponsorship experience was considered to be more than satisfactory both in terms of image and in terms of commercial and networking success.

For organisations interested in being associated with EDHEC's events, three sponsorship packages are available depending on the level of visibility required, details of which may be found in the attached brochure.

EDHEC Conferences:


EDHEC Institutional Days:

This conference is the latest development and enables institutional investors from across Europe to meet every year in Paris to discuss issues that are most relevant to their specific industry segment and to better understand how state-of-the-art asset management techniques can solve their current and foreseeable issues.
Next event: 21-22 November 2006
Key themes:
  • The place of ETFs in asset management. Managing alpha and beta separately.
  • Novel approaches for Asset Liability Management
  • Liability Driven Investing solutions
  • Impact of IFRS & Solvency II constraints on institutional asset management
  • New risk management techniques and institutional management
  • Sponsorship opportunities:21-22 November 2006: Closed
    2007/Date TBC: Open shortly. Level: Platinum, Gold, Exhibitor

    EDHEC Asset Management Days:

    This event was first launched in April 2005 and provides an exclusive opportunity for institutional investors, private bankers and asset management firms to get together and exchange views on the most relevant industry and academic topics. The event was organised at the President Wilson hotel in Geneva and will be repeated once a year.
     Next event:

    12-13 March 2007

    Key themes:
  • ALM in private banking
  • Applying the core-satellite model to wealth management
  • New absolute return strategies
  • Dynamic core-satellite management
  • Indices, benchmarking and asset management
  • Performance and style analysis: Rating European asset managers' alphas
  • Sponsorship opportunities:Open. Level: Platinum, Gold, Exhibitor

    EDHEC Hedge Fund/Alternative Investment Days:

    This conference was first launched in May 2004 and is today considered as the reference in terms of conferences dedicated to alternative investments. The conference has now settled in London and will be organised annually in the heart of the European hedge fund industry. In order to accommodate new developments in the Alternative Investment industry, EDHEC Hedge Fund Days will become EDHEC Alternative Investment Days in 2007 and cover topics such as commodities and Real Estate.
    Next event:20-21 November 2007
    Key themes:
  • Passive replication of hedge funds
  • Absolute return with long only strategies: a challenge for asset allocation
  • Commodities and portfolio diversification
  • Real Estate investment in Asset Liability Management
  • Dynamic optimal subsitution or dynamic optimal diversification: the new frontier for hedge funds investments
  • New forms of hedge fund structured products
  • Sponsorship opportunities:Open. Level: Platinum, Gold, Exhibitor

    Further information on partnership opportunities for EDHEC's academic conference circuit can be found in the attached brochure.

    For further details, please contact Virginia Lombard:

    Telephone: +33 (0)4 93 18 78 55
    Fax: +33 (0)4 93 18 78 40
    E-mail: sponsorship@edhec-risk.com

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