Alternative Investments - May 16, 2006

EDHEC in Hedge Funds Review

Since it was set up, in 2001, the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre has made a point of conducting research that is both independent and pragmatic.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the professional environment, we concentrate our research on themes that satisfy the needs of professionals and pursue an active research policy in the field of finance. Several of our professors are regarded as international experts in the fields of asset management, fixed income securities, alternative investments and risk management.

The EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre’s team of 31 researchers implements six industry-sponsored programmes focusing on asset allocation and risk management in the traditional and alternative investment universes.

In the past few years, the EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre has enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration with Hedge Funds Review. The monthly publication of our academic articles has provided Hedge Funds Review with an original point of view on numerous hedge fund topics and has been very successful in bringing our research to the attention of alternative investment professionals.

Hedge Funds Review has recently compiled an electronic "web book" containing the EDHEC articles published in 2005, which provide an overview of the state-of-the-art on academic research into hedge funds. On the occasion of the EDHEC Hedge Fund Days in London, from February 14th to 16th, 2006, this web book also serves as a guide to the EDHEC Hedge Fund Days conference, which is a unique event in that it is organised by an academic research centre for the benefit of asset management professionals and institutional investors.

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