Alternative Investments
Hedge Funds: Myths and Limits

Authors: Francois-Serge Lhabitant
Editions: John Wiley & Sons
Pages: 288 pages
Date: May 2002
Lhabitant discusses—from an investor’s perspective—the potential uses, risks, and returns in hedge funds, while offering both the qualitative and quantitative tools investors need to access these types of funds. Topics not normally covered in discussions of hedge funds are included, such as how to include hedge funds in traditional portfolios, database differences, and non-transparency. A practical guide to a growing, yet little understood, segment of the financial industry.

Francois-Serge Lhabitant, PhD (Geneva, Switzerland), is Head of Quantitative Risk Management at Union Bancaire Privée in Geneva, Switzerland. A former computer engineer, he previously served as Director of UBS Private Banking Division. He is an Affiliate Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School.

This book shows readers the fundamental concepts needed to understand strategies used by the funds and their potential positive and negative contributions to investment portfolios.

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