Capital Markets
Capital Markets: Institutions, Instruments, and Risk Management (5th edition)

Authors: Frank J. Fabozzi
Editions: MIT Press
Pages: 1088 pages
Date: October 2015
Over the last fifty years, an extensive array of instruments for financing, investing, and controlling risk has become available in financial markets, with demand for these innovations driven by the needs of investors and borrowers. The recent financial crisis offered painful lessons on the consequences of ignoring the risks associated with new financial products and strategies. This substantially revised fifth edition of a widely used text covers financial product innovation with a new emphasis on risk management and regulatory reform. Chapters from the previous edition have been updated, and new chapters cover material that reflects recent developments in financial markets.

The book begins with an introduction to financial markets, offering a new chapter that provides an overview of risk—including the key elements of financial risk management and the identification and quantification of risk. The book then covers market participants, including a new chapter on collective investment products managed by asset management firms; the basics of cash and derivatives markets, with new coverage of financial derivatives and securitization; theories of risk and return, with a new chapter on return distributions and risk measures; the structure of interest rates and the pricing of debt obligations; equity markets; debt markets, including chapters on money market instruments, municipal securities, and credit sensitive securitized products; and advanced coverage of derivative markets. Each chapter ends with a review of key points and questions based on the material covered.

Frank J. Fabozzi is Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School in France. The author of numerous scholarly books and textbooks, he has held positions at Yale School of Management, Princeton University, and MIT Sloan School of Management.

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