Risk Management
Perspectives on Energy Risk

Authors: Editors: André Dorsman, Timur Gök, Mehmet Baha Karan
Editions: Springer
Pages: 220 pages
Date: March 2014
  • Combines energy economics, energy finance and energy policy issues
  • Contributions by scholars from all over the world
  • Multidisciplinary approach

Since the Industrial Revolution, the efficiency with which energy resources are extracted and converted into work has played a prominent role in the accumulation of material wealth. The prominent role of energy resources, in conjunction with their scarcity and their uneven geographic distribution, has had significant repercussions. Collaboration, competition and conflict among nation states for energy resources have created global, geopolitical and market risks. In this volume, academic scholars and practitioners assess these risks from global, geopolitical and market perspectives. They do so by presenting empirical research and discussing our current understanding of this quickly changing and developing field.

This is the third volume in a series on energy organized by the Centre for Energy and Value Issues (CEVI). The previous volumes in the series were Financial Aspects in Energy (2011) and Energy Economics and Financial Markets (2012).

Hilary Till, Principal at Premia Capital Management, LLC, and Research Associate at EDHEC-Risk Institute, contributed a chapter to the book on "Hedging and Speculation: A Discussion on the Economic Role of Commodity Futures Markets (Including the Oil Markets)", which notes that a review of US history provides valuable lessons in figuring out what is necessary for commodity futures trading (including oil trading) to continue and prosper during times of political pressure.

About the Contributor:

Hilary Till is a Research Associate at the EDHEC-Risk Institute, http://www.edhec-risk.com. She is also the principal of Premia Risk Consultancy, Inc., and a co-founder of the proprietary trading firm, Premia Capital Management, LLC, http://www.premiacap.com. In addition, Ms. Till is the co-editor with Joseph Eagleeye of the Risk Books bestseller, Intelligent Commodity Investing.

Previously, Ms. Till was the Chief of Derivatives Strategies at Putnam Investments, and prior to this position was a quantitative analyst at Harvard Management Company.

Ms. Till serves on the North American Advisory Board of the London School of Economics and Political Science; is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Working Group on Financial Markets; and is a Fellow at the Arditti Center for Risk Management in DePaul University's Finance Department in Chicago.

She has presented her research on the commodities futures markets to the following institutions: the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the International Energy Agency, and the UK Financial Services Authority.

She has a BA with General Honors in Statistics from the University of Chicago and an MSc degree in Statistics from the London School of Economics (LSE). Ms. Till studied at the LSE under a private fellowship administered by the Fullbright Commission.

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