Investment Management
The Theory and Practice of Investment Management: Asset Allocation, Valuation, Portfolio Construction, and Strategies, 2nd Edition

Authors: Editors: Frank J. Fabozzi, Harry M. Markowitz
Editions: Wiley
Pages: 682 pages
Date: April 2011
Many books focus on the theory of investment management and leave the details of the implementation of the theory up to you. This book illustrates how theory is applied in practice while stressing the importance of the portfolio construction process.

The Second Edition of The Theory and Practice of Investment Management is the ultimate guide to understanding the various aspects of investment management and investment vehicles. Tying together theoretical advances in investment management with actual practical applications, this book gives you a unique opportunity to use proven investment management techniques to protect and grow a portfolio under many different circumstances.
  • Contains new material on the latest tools and strategies for both equity and fixed income portfolio management
  • Includes key take-aways as well as study questions at the conclusion of each chapter
  • A timely updated guide to an important topic in today's investment world
This comprehensive investment management resource combines real-world financial knowledge with investment management theory to provide you with the practical guidance needed to succeed within the investment management arena.

NoŽl Amenc, Felix Goltz, Lionel Martellini, and Vincent Milhau from EDHEC-Risk Institute contributed a chapter to the publication entitled "Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction", covering the following topics:
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction Decisions in the Optimal Design of the Performance-Seeking Portfolio
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction Decisions in the Optimal Design of the Liability-Hedging Portfolio
  • Dynamic Allocation Decisions to the Performance-Seeking and Liability-Hedging Portfolios
About the Editors:

Frank J. Fabozzi, PhD, CFA, CPA, is currently Professor of Finance at EDHEC Busines School. At the time of writing, he was Professor in the Practice of Finance and Becton Fellow at the Yale School of Management. He is Editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Fixed Income. He is on the Advisory Council for the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University.

Harry M. Markowitz, PhD, is a consultant in the area of finance. In 1990, he was awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for his groundbreaking work in portfolio theory. In 1989, he received the John von Neumann Theory Prize from the Operations Research Society of America for his work in portfolio theory and other applications of mathematics and computers to business practice.

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