Portfolio Management
Core-Satellite Portfolio Management: A Modern Approach for Professionally Managed Funds

Authors: Editor: J. Clay Singleton
Editions: McGraw Hill
Pages: 400 pages
Date: December 2004
The core-satellite portfolio approach combines the most powerful aspects of active and passive management into a flexible and market-proven investment strategy. Increasingly popular with major institutions and investment professionals worldwide, it enables portfolios to produce market returns while adding the potential to outperform popular market benchmarks through alternative investment vehicles.

Core-Satellite Portfolio Management provides a comprehensive overview of both the theory and practice of the core-satellite approach. Combining insights from award-winning professor and financial executive J. Clay Singleton with contributions from leading practitioners and consultants, it details:
  • Performance-enhancing, cost-effective core stock and bond strategies designed to provide efficient total market exposure
  • Satellite investments such as small stocks, hard assets, high-yield debt, and more that enhance returns without adding extraordinary risk
  • Best-practices for complying with rules and regulations summarized from legal standards, professional organizations, and special evaluative studies
Hilary Till, Principal of Premia Capital Management LLC, and Research Associate at the EDHEC-Risk Institute, contributed a chapter to the book entitled, "Risk Measurement of Investments in the Satellite Ring of a Core-Satellite Portfolio".

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