Risk Management in Commodity Markets: From Shipping to Agriculturals and Energy

Authors: Editor: Hélyette Geman
Editions: Wiley Finance
Pages: 320 pages
Date: November 2008
Commodities represent today the fastest growing markets worldwide. Historically misunderstood, generally under-studied and under-valued, certainly under-represented in the literature, commodities are suddenly receiving the attention they deserve.

Bringing together some of the best authors in the field, this book focuses on the risk management issues associated with both soft and hard commodities: energy, weather, agriculturals, metals and shipping. Taking the reader through every part of the commodities markets, the authors discuss the intricacies of modelling spot and forward prices, as well as the design of new Futures markets. The book also looks at the use of options and other derivative contract forms for hedging purposes, as well as supply management in commodity markets. It looks at the implications for climate policy and climate research and analyzes the various freight derivatives markets and products used to manage shipping and freight risk in a global commodity world.

Hilary Till, a Research Associate with EDHEC-Risk Institute, and Principal of Premia Capital Management, LLC, contributed a chapter to the publication entitled, "Case Studies and Risk Management in Commodity Derivatives Trading", in which she covers the topics of Institutional Risk Management, Proprietary-Trading Risk Management, Hedge Fund Risk Management, Fund-of-Hedge-Funds Diversification, and Market Risk Management.

Risk Management in Commodity Markets: From Shipping to Agricuturals and Energy is recommended reading for energy and mining companies, utilities' practitioners, commodity and cash derivatives traders in investment banks, CTA's and hedge funds.

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