Alternative Investments
Hedge Funds: Crossing the Institutional Frontier

Authors: Editor: Sohail Jaffer
Editions: Euromoney Books
Pages: 189 pages
Date: August 2006
Hedge Funds: Crossing the Institutional Frontier is a most timely addition to the hedge funds discourse, considering changes in the industry itself: how hedge fund managers should be reacting to consolidation in the industry and the changing demands of investors.

Sohail Jaffer has brought together 18 experienced industry leaders who discuss trends within the marketplace and the challenges confronting the industry:
  • What are the key factors in a successful hedge fund evolution?
  • What are the business models and structural issues in Hedge Funds Mergers & Acquisitions?
  • What is the impact of institutionalisation of the industry, and how is this transforming the hedge fund and funds of funds marketplace?
  • What are the risks and opportunities for hedge funds in this new environment?
  • What are the issues in combining hedge funds and structured products?
  • How can hedge funds meet the dangers (and opportunities) of private equity investments?
  • What are the operational and regulatory risks facing the industry and how can the industry best meet these?
  • How can hedge funds get the best from their prime broker?
  • Understanding investable hedge fund indices
  • How to successfully leverage a hedge fund portfolio
  • What are the new drivers for successful investments, including entry into new markets such as Asia?
Jean-René Giraud, CEO of EDHEC-Risk Advisory and Business Development Director at EDHEC-Risk Institute at the time of writing, now Research Associate, contributed a chapter on "Hedge fund operational risks: risks without rewards?".

About the Editor:

Sohail Jaffer is a Partner within the FWU Group, the international financial services group headquartered in Munich.

As Managing Director of Premium Select Lux SA, an asset management subsidiary of FWU AG in Luxembourg, his responsibilities include fund product development, the evaluation and selection of external asset managers for multi-manager programmes and building international distribution across bank and other financial intermediary channels for a broad array of private label wealth management solutions including a Dynamic Quant global equity investment strategy and Socially Responsible Investment products.

A Council Member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) for the Benelux region, he was also Chairman of AIMA for two consecutive terms from 1997 to 2000. He is also an active member of AIMA’s Investment Research Committee. He has written extensively on alternative investments throughout the financial media, and is the editor of Alternative Investment Strategies, Funds of Hedge Funds for Professional Investors and Managers, Islamic Retail Banking, Finance and Islamic Asset Management and Multi-Manager Funds all published by Euromoney Books.

Sohail is a member of ALFI’s Asset Management Advisory Committee and of ALFI’s Hedge Fund Committee. ALFI is the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry.

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