Portfolio Trading
The Euromoney Global Portfolio Trading Handbook 2005 / 06

Authors: Editor: Claire Evans
Editions: Euromoney
Pages: 174 pages
Date: July 2005
Portfolio trading has become a jewel in the otherwise tarnished equities crown as fund managers increasingly gather their trades into one basket to reduce costs in volatile stock markets, With the rapid increase in usage of this investment tool, different investment groups are realising the benefits associated with it.

The third edition of The Euromoney Global Portfolio Trading Handbook analyses these benefits and provides valuable insights from a select consortium of respected trading professionals into how to improve performance and cut costs. This exclusive knowledge can be used to improve trading and execution capabilities.

The thoughts of industry experts reflect the latest and most cutting-edge developments such as soft commissions and unbundling and the emergence of FX as an asset class in its own right. Other thought-provoking analysis focuses on transition management, pension fund trustees, best execution, equity trading, algorithmic trading from the buy- and sell-side perspectives and direct market access (DMA). A specialist directory lists over 1,000 individual contacts from financial institutions, consultancy and advisory firms, software providers and law firms.

The topics covered are:
  • Enhancing portfolio performance using derivatives
  • The evolution of transition management – reacting to a changing landscape
  • A reality check on Direct Market Access (DMA) in Europe
  • Trading intelligently: structuring transaction costs across the investment process
  • Better impact cost estimation for portfolio trades
  • Algorithmic trading – a brief guide
  • Algorithmic trading – work smarter and survive
  • The process-based best execution regime: some important considerations
  • Best execution: challenging the challenges
  • The hallmarks of trading excellence – ‘total performance management’
  • Monitoring transaction costs in pension funds
  • Bundled brokerage and soft commission arrangements
  • How industry solution relates to the FSA’s desired outcomes
  • A case for the defined benefit pension trustee
  • How consultants help German corporates and pension funds to better manage their assets
  • Currencies as a separate asset class? The buy-side perspective
Jean-René Giraud, CEO of EDHEC-Risk Advisory, and Shashi Tiwari, Senior Consultant, EDHEC-Risk Advisory at the time of writing, jointly authored the chapter on "Best Execution: Challenging the Challenges".

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