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EDHEC-Risk Information
Asset Management Education - April 13, 2015

Twenty alumni for the PhD in Finance programme

PhD in finance Graduation Ceremonies, 2 October 2012 and 24 March 2014,
EDHEC London campus.

From left to right (top):
Dr Kaipichit Ruengsrichaiya, Dr Vijay Vaidyanathan, Dr Gideon Ozik, Dr Daniel Mantilla-Garcia, PhD graduates.
From left to right (bottom):
Dr Michelle Sisto, PhD graduate, Mr Tomas Franzén, Chairman of the International Advisory Board of EDHEC-Risk Institute, Dr Rehan Syed, PhD graduate, Mr Frédéric Ducoulombier, Director of Executive Education at EDHEC-Risk Institute, Dr Andrea Tarelli, PhD graduate, Professor René Garcia, Director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute PhD in Finance, Dr Seong-Han Kim, PhD Graduate, Professor Raman Uppal, Core Faculty Member, EDHEC-Risk Institute PhD in Finance

Since 2008, EDHEC-Risk Institute has been offering a unique PhD in Finance programme to elite practitioners who aspire to higher intellectual levels and aim to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in finance.

Staff, management and faculty of EDHEC-Risk Institute extend their warmest congratulations to the first twenty participants who successfully defended their theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Finance.

Their research work is very diverse and brings new insights on subjects such as strategic and tactical asset allocation, inflation modeling and hedging, asset pricing, corporate financial policy, pension fund management, systemic risk, and household investment.

These graduates include three women and represent fifteen countries on three continents. The group includes five participants working in academe who had enrolled in the PhD in Finance programme to strengthen their academic credentials for careers within research and educational institutions and fifteen participants who work in the investment management industry or in central banking.

To date, two graduates are in academic tenure track positions, three are in post doctoral positions, three have created their own company and nine working papers have been published in peer-reviewed academic and professional journals.

Graduate Dissertation Title Dissertation committee
Mr Gideon Ozik, PhD (2011), Founder and President, Alphaness (USA) Essays in Hedge Funds Chair: Raman Uppal (EDHEC)
External examiner: Tarun Ramadorai (Oxford University)
Adviser: René Garcia (EDHEC)
Mr Daniel Mantilla-Garcia, PhD (2011), Head of Research, Optimal Asset Management (USA) Essays on Idiosyncratic Risk and Return Predictability Chair: Raman Uppal (EDHEC)
External examiner: Ravi Bansal (Duke University)
Adviser: René Garcia (EDHEC)
Mr Foo Chiah Shiung (Kelvin), PhD (2012), Senior Risk Manager, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Two Essays on Volatility Transmission and Default Prediction for Individual Firms Chair: Robert Kimmel (EDHEC)
External examiner: Tim Bollerslev (Duke University)
Adviser: René Garcia (EDHEC)
Mr Kaipichit Ruengsrichaiya, PhD (2012), Lecturer in Finance, Mahidol University, College of Management (Thailand), and Adjunct at Chulalongkorn (Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration) and Chiang Mai University (Faculty of Business Administration) Theoretical Essays on Corporate Governance in Theory of Finance Chair: Giuseppe Bertola (EDHEC)
External examiner: Jaksa Cvitanic (Caltech)
Advisers: Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (EDHEC) and Pierre Mella-Barral (EDHEC)
Mr Vijay Vaidyanathan, PhD (2012), CEO, Optimal Asset Management (USA) Essays in Venture Capital and Predictability Chair: Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (EDHEC)
External examiner: Ulrich Hege (HEC)
Adviser: Pierre Mella-Barral (EDHEC)
Mr Carlos Heitor Campani, PhD (2013), Professor of Finance, COPPEAD Graduate School of Business – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Essays in Asset Allocation with Recursive Utility and Regimes in Asset Return Chair: Raman Uppal (EDHEC)
External examiner: Michael Brandt (Duke University)
Advisers: René Garcia (EDHEC) and Abraham Lioui (EDHEC)
Ms Cybele Almeida, PhD (2013), Risk Manager, UBS Wealth Management (Switzerland) Cash Flow Risk, Dispersion Risk and World Consumption: Role and Relevance for the Cross-Section of International Equity Returns Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Romeo Tedongap (Stockholm School of Economics)
Adviser: Abraham Lioui (EDHEC)
Mr Neo Teng Hwee, PhD (2013), Chief Investment Officer and Head of Investment Products and Solutions, UOB Private Bank (Singapore) Volatility and Dependence Transmission in Asian Equity and Bond Markets Chair: Ekkehart Boehmer (EDHEC)
External examiner: Peter Christoffersen (University of Toronto)
Advisers: Stoyan Stoyanov (EDHEC) and René Garcia (EDHEC)
Mr Andrea Tarelli, PhD (2013), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bocconi University (Italy) Dynamic Term Structure Models and Inflation: Implications for Asset Allocation and Corporate Debt Structure Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Mikhail Chernov (UCLA)
Advisers: Abraham Lioui (EDHEC) and Lionel Martellini (EDHEC)
Mr Seong-Han Kim, PhD (2014), Managing Director, Singularion Asset Management (UK) Stock Market Momentum, Investor Sentiment, and the Accruals Anomaly Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Allan Timmermann (University of California, San Diego)
Adviser: Raman Uppal (EDHEC)
Ms Michelle Sisto, PhD (2014), Visiting Professor of Statistics in the MBA Programme, EDHEC Business School (France) Responsibility, Regulation and Asset Pricing Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Cesare Robotti (Imperial College)
Adviser: Abraham Lioui (EDHEC)
Ms Lee Su Fen, PhD (2014), Lead Economist (Macroeconomic Surveillance), Monetary Authority of Singapore Central Clearing and Pre-Emptive Liquidity Hoarding in Financial Networks Chair: Abraham Lioui (EDHEC)
External examiner: Rama Cont (Imperial College)
Adviser: Frank Fabozzi (EDHEC)
Mr Samuel Sender, PhD (2014), Researcher and Faculty Member, Tilburg University (The Netherlands) Essays on Corporate DB Pension Plans and on Cointegrated Time-Series and Panel Models Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Jean-Pierre Urbain (Maastricht University)
Advisers: Stéphane Gregoir (EDHEC) and Pierre Mella-Barral (EDHEC)
Mr Rehan Syed, PhD (2014), Chief Investment Officer, minMax Asset Advisers (USA) Essays on Conditional Inflation Hedging and Manager Performance Persistence Chair: Giuseppe Bertola (EDHEC)
External examiner: Robert Kosowski (Imperial College)
Adviser: Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (EDHEC)
Mr Chan Kai Wing, PhD (2014), Vice President, Risk Manager, Wells Fargo (USA) Loan Default Rates in the Great Recession Chair: Stéphane Gregoir (EDHEC)
External examiner: Anindya Banerjee (University of Birmingham)
Advisers: Giuseppe Bertola (EDHEC)
Mr Yang Yifan, PhD (2014), Quantitative Analyst, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) BR-CVA with Wrong Way Risk and SABR Hedging for FX Option Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Michele Leonardo Bianchi (Bank of Italy)
Advisers: Frank Fabozzi (EDHEC) and Ekkehart Boehmer (EDHEC)
Mr Ramachandran Shankar, PhD (2014), Professor of Finance, Great Lakes - Institute of Management (India) Comovement in Asset Prices and Low Latency Trading Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Kingsley Fong (University of New South Wales)
Adviser: Ekkehart Boehmer (EDHEC)
Mr Yaacov Kopeliovich, PhD (2014), Director of Research, RiXtrema Inc (USA) Can we Outperform Simple Rule Strategies: Evidence from Volatility Market and Optimized Bond Portfolios Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Steven Kou (NUS)
Adviser: Jaksa Cvitanic (EDHEC)
Mr Chris Firth, PhD (2015), CEO and Co-Founder, Dollardex Investments (Singapore) Household Investment Mistakes: Evidence and Avoidance Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Laurent Calvet (HEC)
Adviser: Ekkehart Boehmer (EDHEC)
Mr Igor Lojevsky, PhD (2015), Vice Chairman (Retired), Deutsche Bank AG (UK) Multi-Country Study of Yield Curve Dynamics in a Monetary Policy Framework Chair: René Garcia (EDHEC)
External examiner: Marco Bonomo (Insper)
Adviser: Giuseppe Bertola (EDHEC)

PhD participants work on dissertation topics selected for their academic and industry relevance and according to each candidate’s research interests and professional goals. Dissertation work starts in the first year of the programme with the drafting of a proposal, will intensify as course requirements wane, and should end at the close of the third year. During all phases of the dissertation process, candidates work closely with their director. The dissertation should make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and practices in the field and should be of sufficient originality and quality for publication in leading peer-reviewed professional journals.

The programme organises solid research training through courses, seminars and workshops. Dissertation advisers are world-class scholars selected for their expertise in each candidate’s field of specialisation. Advisers commit to providing regular electronic feedback to their advisees and to offering at least two opportunities for live meetings in Europe every year.

The next PhD in Finance programme information session will be held in New York on April 22.

Other presentations and telephone interviews will be scheduled all year round in Asia, Europe, North America , Oceania and online.

To reserve your place, to receive our brochure or to learn more about the EDHEC PhD in Finance, please contact Brigitte Bogaerts or on +33 4 9318 3267 / +65 6653 8586.

The next deadline for executive track application is May 31, 2015 (programme starts at the end of September 2015).