EDHEC-Risk Information

The EDHEC-Risk Institute Team

Research Team

Research Associates

  • Nessim Ait-Kacimi, Journalist/Editor, Les Echos

  • Cybele Almeida, Risk Manager, UBS Wealth Management

  • Carlos Heitor-Campani, Professor of Finance, COPPEAD Graduate School of Business

  • Catherine D'Hondt, Associate Professor of Finance, Louvain School of Management

  • Stéphane Daul-Egger, Senior Quant, Pictet Asset Management

  • Michael Edesess, Chief Strategist, Compendium Finance

  • Chris Firth, CEO and Co-Founder, dollarDEX Investments Pte Ltd, Singapore

  • Kelvin Foo Chiah Shiung, Senior Risk Manager for Global Private Banking and Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Daniel Giamouridis, Lecturer of Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Jeroen Jansen, Fixed Income Researcher and Portfolio Manager, PIAM

  • Seong-Han Kim, Director, Singularion Asset Management

  • Yaacov Kopeliovich, Assistant Professor in Residence Department of Finance, University of Connecticut Storrs CT

  • Marie Lambert, Associate Professor, HEC-Management School of the University of Liège

  • Su Fen Lee, Lead Economist, Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • Igor Lojevsky, Partner, Park Investors LLC

  • Fons Lute, Client Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Division, Russell Investments

  • Daniel Mantilla, Head of Research, Optimal Asset Management

  • Attilio Meucci, Chief Risk Officer and Director of Portfolio Construction, Kepos Capital LP

  • Russell G. Nel, Founder, Director/Financial Structuring & Consulting, Zaseca Capital (RSA)

  • Teng Hwee Neo, Executive Director and Head of Investment Management for Asia, Bank Julius Baer

  • Gideon Ozik, President, Quantitative Analysis, ALPHANESS SAS

  • Thierry Roncalli, Head of Research & Development, Lyxor Asset Management

  • Kaipichit Ruengsrichaiya

  • Barry Schachter, Senior Advisor, RiXtrema, Inc.

  • Bernd Scherer, Managing Director, Deutsche Asset Management

  • Oliver Schwindler, Portfolio Manager, KSW Vermögensverwaltung AG

  • Michelle Sisto, Director, Global MBA and Associate Professor, EDHEC Business School

  • Arjuna Sittampalam, Managing Director, Sage & Hermes Ltd.

  • Timothy Spangler, Financial Services Partner, Dechert LLP

  • Rehan A. Syed, Founder and CIO, minMax Asset Advisors

  • Hilary Till, Principal, Premia Capital Management LLC

  • Vijay Vaidyanathan, Chief Executive Officer, Optimal Asset Management

  • Mathieu Vaissié, Head of Research, Ginjer AM

Affiliate Faculty

Administrative Team

  • Pascale Arnoux, Finance and Administration Manager

  • Amey Badkar, Corporate Action Analyst

  • Alexander Channing, Product Specialist / Sales Support North America, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Grace Chen, Senior Relationship Manager - Singapore

  • Erik Christiansen, Business Development Manager Europe, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Séverine Cibelly, Marketing & Administrative Manager, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Mathilde Claude, Business Relations Coordinator

  • Dami Coker, Proofreader/Translator

  • Stéphane Colombani, Database Assistant/Webmaster

  • Marina Coutant, Office Manager, EDHEC Risk Institute—Europe

  • Carolyn Essid, Deputy Marketing Manager

  • Joanne Finlay, Conference Manager

  • Laura Furlan, Front Line Administrator, EDHEC Risk Institute—Europe

  • Maud Gauchon, Marketing and Administrative Manager

  • Leonardo Gentile, Front-End Web Developer

  • Sylvie Guibal, Database Manager

  • Paul Hoff, Business Development Director Asia-Pacific, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Lawrence Johny, MatLab Architect / Developer

  • Akshay Kapoor, Executive Director, Business Development Europe, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Sophia Kok, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, EDHEC Risk Institute—Asia

  • Laurence Kriloff, Executive Assistant

  • Michaela Kurejova, Administrative Assistant

  • Fabrice Lee-Choon, Senior Developer (Singapore)

  • Pierre-André Lesage, IT Operations Engineer

  • Yann Louis, Operations Engineer

  • Reynald Mauguin, Head of Operations

  • Damien Najean, Senior IT Manager

  • Peter O'Kelly, Marketing Director, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Daniel Owen, Senior MatLab Developer - Production Director Deputy, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Marianne Piquerel, Senior Business Development & Sales Manager Europe, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Caroline Prevost, Manager, EDHEC-Risk Executive Education

  • Laurent Ringelstein, Publishing Manager

  • Sabine Rodriguez, Executive Sales Assistant North America, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Mélanie Ruiz, Head of Client Services, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Frédéric Schenkels, Network Administrator

  • Vania Schleef, Senior Client & Support Executive, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Karen Sequeira, Office Manager, EDHEC Risk Institute—Asia

  • Maxim Semyonov, Database Engineer for Financial Data

  • Eric Shirbini, Global Research and Investment Solutions Director, ERI Scientific Beta

  • Cédric Soavi, Corporate Actions Specialist

  • Terrance Teoh, Information Systems Manager - Singapore

  • Marc Zieger, Business Development Director North America, ERI Scientific Beta

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