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The EDHEC-Risk web site is based on a simple idea but one which provides a structure for all of EDHEC-Risk's financial research activities: “How to enable professionals to get the most out of asset management research?“. As a consequence, EDHEC-Risk does not aspire to be the best academic research site nor the one that offers the most exhaustive information on the asset management industry. EDHEC-Risk, with its joint academic and professional expertise, is endeavouring to be the most useful site for practitioners who are keen to take advantage of research results to improve their investment and risk management processes.

Faced with increasing amounts of information, announcements that are made for publicity purposes and innovations in the asset management industry, the academic background of the EDHEC-Risk editorial team allows you to take a step back from the facts and to select and summarise the required information. Today, the real challenge is not to give more information but to give the best information, and this is why we consider that EDHEC-Risk has its place on the web.


The electronic newsletter containing news from all the main sections of the EDHEC-Risk web site (editorial, feature, interview, research news, EDHEC-Risk publications, index returns, etc.) is sent out to over 1.5 million readers worldwide.

Site Layout

edhec-risk.com is structured around three types of section:
  • News sections
  • Sections linked to the centre’s research chairs and research programmes
  • Sections relating to research that is of relevance to the asset management industry.

Industry Analysis

edhec-risk.com provides a reasoned analysis of asset management industry news. Topics are chosen according to two criteria: firstly, the extent of the number of references made in the international specialised press; secondly, the pertinence of the information in relation to the EDHEC-Risk research programme themes.


This section presents topics of particular interest to the asset management industry.


Researchers or practitioners from the asset management industry are interviewed regularly by the edhec-risk.com team.


edhec-risk.com provides access to events organised by EDHEC-Risk, as well as asset management industry events involving EDHEC-Risk's participation.

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